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Dear Stranger,

> I’m not seeing Tumblr as a place for followers’ competition, but as a place where you can get inspired, learn, share tastes and meet people with similar interests.

> If you don’t like my Tumblr (that is to say, the artists featured in here), please don’t follow it.

> If I like yours, I will follow it even if you don’t / will not follow me. Because this is not my primary blog, I’m following as est-fin. In addition to this, I’m NOT doing “following per following.”

> I’m NOT reblogging images without sources / descriptions. If I’ll find a nice / interesting picture on a blog / tumblr which’s been  posted without any kind of source or credit, I’m NOT going to mention that blog / tumblr on my own post of that picture.

> I’m NOT doing promos, questionaries of all sorts, or ratings and I’m NOT asking for such things.

> After some very unpleasant experiences, I’m NOT going to enable the Anonymous questions anymore.

> Species: Barocus is NOT a religious blog and it’s NOT exclusively focused on the baroque period.

Dear Stranger,

If after so many NOTs you still want to follow this little tumblr, be more than Welcome! ^.^